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sound proof doors for sale soundproof doors for room details door

Sound Proof Doors For Sale Soundproof Doors For Room Details Door

The sound proof doors for sale is explained. There are different types of sound proof doors for handling noise problems. There are also different types of building materials used to handle different noise problems or scenarios.

The purpose of noise reduction door is simply to prevent noise as much as possible. They can be made of wood because they require a large number of locking devices and seals to fit snugly into the frame. They can be used for commercial purposes when using the two-door option and home use.

Acoustic Door

We use this term to describe the door that improves sound quality in its environment. These sound proof doors for room are usually very thick wooden doors that are seen in the studio and help to balance the sound while reducing the noise that escapes through them. The rear of the door is either padded or empty, and the wood veneer is important for the final result of returning the standing wave.

Sound Proof Doors Details:

Standard size: (H) 2100mm *(W)900mm (height*width)
The maximum custom size is: single leaf: (W) 1100mm * (H) 3000mm; double leaf: (W) 2000mm * (H) 3000mm.

Soundproof Door Structure Technical Description:

1. The sound proof door leaf adopts multi-layer damping composite sound insulation material, which is used for sound insulation and noise absorption through the material properties of different media.
2. The door leaf adopts the patented technology of the invention: the oblique mouth technology.
3. The bottom of the sound proof door is equipped with an automatic lifting seal (concealed), and the 8mm soundproof sealing door has a hanging angle that is in close contact with the ground.
4. Door frame and door leaf sealing treatment: It adopts Y-shaped, U-shaped and L-shaped four-layer soundproof sealing structure.
5. The installation and sealing treatment between the DIY door frame and the wall surface is treated with high polyurethane foam + sealing structural adhesive to enhance the sound insulation effect.

Most of the doors we sell are for customers and project designers and other sound proof door for room companies. Contact us for sound proof doors costing.