Steel Door Supplier Acoustic Door Desibel Industrial Steel Doors

Steel Door Supplier Acoustic Door Desibel Industrial Steel Doors

Acoustic heavy steel door is made by steel door supplier to reduce noise.

We know that the noise source is in the same room as the recipient. However, in addition to this, there is another type of housing problem that is often encountered in practice. The noisy machine is in a room, the people affected by the noise are in the adjacent room, even outside the building. The noise arriving at the external observer in close proximity to the source chamber will only be determined by the sound reduction index of the material in close proximity to the viewing position.

Usually the distance from the outer wall is fixed by architectural or operational considerations and can therefore be considered constant. So the only parameter left to the acoustic engineer in this case is the sound pressure level in the source room. Acoustics doors made by steel door suppliers are the typical solution to this.

Soundproof Steel Door Sizes

Standard size: (H) 2100mm * (W) 1000mm (height * width).
Custom size: door width: single leaf < 1000mm, double leaf < 2000mm; door height < 3000mm.
Acoustic door desibel: STC 40 – STC 45

Steel Door Supplier Acoustic Door Desibel Industrial Steel Doors

In addition to this, you can use the following options:

(1) reducing the strength of the source machine;
(2) a tight outer casing is placed above the machine;
(3) Provide the maximum amount of sound absorption in the source room.

Acoustic Shelter

The noise source is enclosed to prevent the acoustic energy it radiates from reaching the observer. However, in some cases it may be operationally and/or financially infeasible to enclose the noise machine in a separate room or in its own tightly enclosed enclosure. Some steel door suppliers can do this, some can not.

If the operator must spend a considerable amount of time in the same room as the noise source, the noise must be masked. One method is to provide personal hearing protection for the operator. However, these devices feel uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

Another technical solution is to provide operators with their own enclosures (or shelters). If the control panel, workload, desk, etc. are located in the shelter, the operator should be able to make the noise level for most of the time much lower than the noise level in the source room. When the operator must leave the shelter, he can use some form of personal ear protector.

Steel Door Supplier Acoustic Door Desibel Industrial Steel Doors

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