sound proof fire door soundproof door rated fire rated sound proof door

Sound Proof Fire Door Soundproof Door Rated Fire Rated Sound Proof Door

Sound proof fire door are a good choice if your building or space has sound or noise control requirements. This is an overview of a convenient sound proof door rated. The purpose of sound proof fire doors is to provide sound insulation to protect your employees, visitors and other general public from potential noise pollution.

Sound Proof Fire Door Basics

*As with other protective doors, the soundproof doors must comply with certain “Rw” sound insulation standards specified in the building code and must be tested and certified accordingly. (For more information, see: ISO 140-3:1995 – “Acoustics – Sound insulation measurements of buildings and building components”)
*Fire rated sound proof door can be made from a range of materials such as galvanized steel, laminated steel and sheet metal.
*Acoustic doors can also be fitted and finished with certain finishes and/or decorative veneers to suit the aesthetics of your space.
*Fire rated sound proof doors can also be used as fire doors and other protective doors, which means they can perform a range of specific protection functions; they can also be used for boundary walls and may require noise control and fire doors.

sound proof fire door

Type of Sound Proof Fire Doors

Soundproof doors can be purchased to suit a variety of door types and sizes, depending on the needs of your building project. For example, your soundproof door can be designed as: single or double door. All door types can be manufactured and installed using the required accessories and hardware, including frames, hinges, acoustic seals, handles and closure/locking mechanisms, as well as peepholes or viewing windows.

Who Needs A Sound Proof Fire Door?

Soundproof fire doors or sound proof fire doors are used in a variety of organizations, including commercial, industrial and public companies. These include:

Music studio and recording studio
Police station (interview room)
Library sound proof doors rated
Commercial space such as hotels and offices
Theater and cinema
Manufacturing plants and factories, especially those involving large machinery
Music and concert venue
Night clubs and bars
General company and office building
Medical institutions such as audiology facilities and even X-ray facilities
Public institutions such as schools and university buildings  

Sound Proof Fire Door Soundproof Door Rated Fire Rated Sound Proof Door

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