Soundproofed Doors

soundproofed door acoustical soundproofing sound proofed doors

Soundproofed Door Acoustical Soundproofing Sound Proofed Doors

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Soundproofed Doors

Acoustic Wooden Soundproofed Doors Manufacturers in China

We have been recognized and appreciated by many global acoustic organizations. Our focus is that every customer must be able to appreciate the noise-free work environment because we believe that everyone should have a healthy working environment.

Wooden soundproofed door with door frame, single/double leaf with STC rating according to customer requirements – 35 to 45 STC. We offer sandwich-type composite sound proofed doors from 50mm to 60mm thick. The complete settings for the soundproofed door frame are as follows:

(a) The soundproofed door frame shall be hardwood, including the necessary grooves in the frame for fixing the EPDM gasket on the groove to prevent Noise leakage from the gap between the door frame and the door.

(b) The core of the soundproofed doors stop shall be filled with soundproofing materials, sound absorbing and damping materials.

(c) Pull-down seals – The highest quality automatic pull-down seals made of high quality raw materials. These internal automatic pull-down seals are customizable to our valuable customer specifications. These internal automatic drop seals are well known for their durability and quality. Internal automatic pull-down seals can be availed at industry leading prices. The sound insulation is up to 37db, air, insects, cold smoke, light.

(d) Hardware – Sound proofed door assemblies shall be secured to the door frame using heavy-duty stainless steel hardware, i.e. door locks, Bal bearing hinges, door handles, tower bolts, etc.

Soundproofed Door Acoustical Soundproofing Sound Proofed Doors

Soundproofed Doors Application:

Sound proofed doors can be used to control noise from one place to other places, such as auditoriums, soundproof hotel door for multiple halls, conference rooms, soundproof interior door for conference rooms, radio, recording studios, home theaters, noise control outside the house, studio use, cinemas, etc.

Wooden Soundproofed Door Features:

Provides up to 45dB of STC
50/55/​​60mm wooden soundproofed doors
Reduce cost of ownership
Excellent acoustic properties
Best quality engineering board for internal use
Excellent custom surface treatment
Reduce maintenance

Soundproofed Door Acoustical Soundproofing Sound Proofed Doors