Sound Proof Door for Hotels

sound proof door for hotels door manufacturer hotel interior doors

Sound Proof Door For Hotels Door Manufacturer Hotel Interior Doors

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Sound Proof Door for Hotels

We offer hotel interior doors in single and double leaf soundproof doors according to customer requirements. The sound proof door for hotels can be easily installed and provides a door frame. In addition, the door provides high quality hardware (ie door locks, hinges, handles, tower bolts, etc.) and appropriate door seals to meet the required STC.

Soundproof door for hotels can be used to prevent noise from leaking from one room to another. As soundproof hotel door manufacturer, we make the design of the acoustic door according to the requirements of the customer. In addition, the hotel interior doors are available in a variety of applications with STC ratings from STC 35 to STC 45.

Sound Proof Door for Hotels Processing Technology:

Wood veneer composite technology + hot pressed wood veneer technology;
Professional CNC cutting technology + cold pressed composite sound insulation material;
Automatic opening lock hole + hinge + door closer for sound proof door for hotels;
Automatic wood veneer sealing technology + automatic trimming technology;
Quality measurement + inspection hole position (automatic machining process design, in line with international processing technology standards).

Sound Proof Door For Hotels Door Manufacturer Hotel Interior Doors

Fireproof Door

Fireproof and soundproof hotel doors are an integral part of the commercial building industry. Whether it’s the entrance door to a large apartment building or the university’s lecture hall door, we offer products that meet the fire door standards and ISO 140-3 certified acoustic performance.

Acoustic Hotel Interior Door Benefit

Professional doors have excellent sound insulation.
Standard models and special requirements.
Automate the manufacturing process.
Various accessories.

Sound Proof Doors for Hotel Application

The inner door assemblies are fire rated and offer a variety of wood and laminate finishes. They are used in places where private offices, conference halls, auditoriums, theaters, recording studios, concert halls, gymnasiums, lecture halls, soundproofed doors for hotels, museums, libraries, sound proof doors for hotel, banks, courts, multi-purpose halls, meeting room, etc. In addition to guest room, they can also be used in Compression chamber, Engine test room, Blower room, Any machine room, Plant room, Control room, Pump room, etc.

Sound Proof Door For Hotels Door Manufacturer Hotel Interior Doors