Soundproof Commercial Steel Doors

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Soundproof Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial steel doors have STC (Sound Transmission Rating) grades from 40 to 45. Thanks to our unique manufacturing method and patented design, architectural acoustic commercial doors achieve higher STC and are lighter in weight, lighter than most similar doors on the market. The door has a single pendulum or dual configuration. A leaf that can make two leaves active or one leaf active is inactive.

The dimensions of the excessive metal swing door include:
Personnel size up to 4’x 10′ single and 8’x 10′ pairs;

Fire-proof Level

In addition to acoustic testing, we have successfully tested many acoustic products including acoustic steel fire door to meet the latest fire test standards. As a leading door supplier, we provide all fire protection labels according to the Underwriter’s Laboratories program. Metal commercial doors provide up to 1 hour of fire rating. Wooden doors are also available in ratings up to 60min.

Commercial Steel Doors And Frames Steel Commercial Doors Supplier

Commercial Steel Door Finish

You can also use to complete the painting. For more information, please consult your local representative. The metal door has the following features:

Frame liner systems include: single and double superheat “H” compression seals and single and dual magnetic seals.
Door bottom sealing system.

Other performance options that can be incorporated into certain door models. Depending on individual design criteria, all features may not be available for each door model. Consult the factory to determine availability based on your project specific needs. To help determine hardware compatibility with acoustical doors, hardware information bulletins have been created and provided.

Typical installations for personnel doors include: theaters, soundproof steel door for concert halls, conference rooms, test rooms, commercial steel doors for recording studios, factories, machine rooms and educational classrooms.

Typical installations for oversized doors include: large test units, theater stage doors, machine rooms and conference centers.

Custom Industrial and Commercial Steel Doors

Our commercial steel doors and frames can be fitted with custom items such as panic sticks, handles, locks, peepholes, etc. as needed. Unlike cheap steel doors, all soundproof door assemblies are factory painted to meet your building requirements. As a result, the door assembly is operational immediately after installation. Soundproof doors are custom made to meet your exact size and environmental requirements. Once the solution is chosen, we are able to manufacture and supply quickly. Soundproof doors are available as kits with simple installation instructions.